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Our Innovative
ProForms Solution

ProForms is our innovative digital form software that gets businesses ahead. No pre-made form templates. No limitations. The design and coding of this solution is completely customized around your brand’s unique needs and style. Set-up and integration are both hassle-free, and effort from your in-house staff is never required.

ProForms by The Marketer Loft

At The Marketer Loft, we inspire our clients to achieve more. Our robust strategic approach combines with our winning web development and online solutions to create exceptional brands on behalf of our clients. Let us show you how to take your organization to the next level by increasing productivity...

Our Software

Our ProForms software is built for both business productivity and user-end satisfaction. No more printing documents and using snail mail or expensive mail services. No more creating liability concerns by sending sensitive information via email or fax. No more hosting your confidential forms with third-party e-sign providers who lack the tools and resources to offer you a complete solution that fits your needs.

ProForms is your all-in-one, secure, in-house solution that allows everyone who needs to digitally complete and e-sign your forms a simple, step-by-step process that can be completed online from any device. Need IDs, resumes, or any other files attached to the signed documents? No problem. Need online payments? We’ve got you covered! ProForms propels businesses forward by enhancing productivity and cutting overhead costs. Your only regret will be not having this “game changing” solution sooner!

Who Benefits?

Companies, organizations, and educational institutions of various sizes and specialties can benefit from using ProForms. Most common uses of our solution include application submissions for employment, partnerships, tenancy, and enrollment. However, our ProForms Software can be used to simplify the process of completing and signing any forms – all while making the process easier, faster, more organized, more accurate, and more secure.

Streamline and improve your process for digital form completion, file uploads, e-sign, and even online payments - straight from your website !

Our Team Is Ready...

Whether you have questions or are ready to get started with our ProForms software, the dedicated members of our team are ready to assist you. As industry leaders in marketing, business development, and creating performance-based online solutions, we are confident that you will enjoy getting to know more about who we are and what we do. Please feel free to reach out to us.

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